The past week

Last weekend I partook in a course in sustainable leadership organized by the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation. I went on to Orsa to interview Pernilla Thalin, who is the animal care manager at Orsa Björnpark, about their work with snow leopards. Yesterday I visited the Museum of Natural History in Stockholm to take pictures of snow leopard pelts for the snow leopard book.

I enjoy travelling and in the past week I have been more on the road than I have been at home, travelling to Malmö, Orsa and Stockholm.

Field day at Orsa Björnpark

I had a field day last Monday at Orsa Björnpark taking pictures of snow leopards to complement our pictures of wild snow leopards for the book on the species that we are working on. I was there for four hours and got some nice shots.

Meanwhile my colleague Jan Fleischmann is in Stockholm meeting people and doing interviews for the book. Work is progressing.