Field day at Orsa Björnpark

I had a field day last Monday at Orsa Björnpark taking pictures of snow leopards to complement our pictures of wild snow leopards for the book on the species that we are working on. I was there for four hours and got some nice shots.

Meanwhile my colleague Jan Fleischmann is in Stockholm meeting people and doing interviews for the book. Work is progressing.

Sonfjället trek

On Saturday and Sunday I trekked on Sonfjället National Park. We did not spot any bears but that was not necessary since some of the scenes that we saw up there were most spectacular.


As we woke up in the tent the following morning everything was covered in white snow. The stunning brightness was made even more bright by the clouds that were of matching color.



The Scottish Wildcat

I have just reinstalled my old harddrive and found some pictures. This is a Scottish wildcat from Port Lympne Wildlife Park that I took in 2009. I talked to some of the people involved in their conservation and visited this enclosure with one of the keepers.

Bad news struck recently, though, as the Scottish Wildcat Association have just reported that there may be as few as 35 individuals left in the wild and that they could be extinct within months due to interbreeding with domestic and feral cats.


Last night I got back from a nine day trip to Spain. I had the chance to see most of Madrid, meet people, see the nature of the southern country, do snorkeling in Palomares and much more.

In Madrid we visited a vegan shop called Planeta Vegano which is similar to Goodstore in Sweden.

It has been a terrific trip and I hope to go back there soon.