Förbeställ boken “Snöleopard” / Pre-order the book “Snöleopard”

Snöleopard slutkund

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You can now pre-order my book Snöleopard [Snow Leopard] which I have written together with the Swedish author and photographer Jan Fleischmann. It will be released in Swedish in mid October with an English version in the planning. Click here to come to an order form [in Swedish].

Snow leopard icon passes away

I was just reached by the sad news that Peter Matthiessen has passed away. I have not had the pleasure of meeting Peter Matthiessen, but reading his book “The Snow Leopard” from 1979 many years ago has inspired me to write my own book on the large cat of the mountains.

In “The Snow Leopard”, Peter Matthiessen journey together with biologist George Schaller to study blue sheep and maybe glimpse the elusive snow leopard as they travel the mountains of Nepal.

After reading Peter Matthiessen’s adventure I have always felt drawn to the high mountains. In 2012 I visited the Himalaya and was lucky enough to glimpse the cat in the wild.

Mine and Jan Fleischmann’s book “Snöleopard” (Snow Leopard) is due in Swedish in autumn 2014.

Field day at Orsa Björnpark

I had a field day last Monday at Orsa Björnpark taking pictures of snow leopards to complement our pictures of wild snow leopards for the book on the species that we are working on. I was there for four hours and got some nice shots.

Meanwhile my colleague Jan Fleischmann is in Stockholm meeting people and doing interviews for the book. Work is progressing.

Snow leopard book

I have just signed a deal with a publisher to author a book on the endangered snow leopard together with the Swedish author and photographer Jan Fleischmann.

We hope to make it a very exciting book with personal stories intertwined with hard facts and an update on the most recent research, as well as good pictures of the animals and interviews with people that are involved with snow leopards in various ways.

The book will first be published in Swedish and we are then looking to make it available in English and maybe German.

You will read more on our work with this book on this page as it progresses.

Please note that the picture is for illustration and may not be the actual front page of the book.