Big trees and summer hiatus

The Naturum at Tyresta National Park just south of Stockholm in Sweden.

It is soon time for a summer pause from work, but just as a quick recap: I have, in the past month, been working on several books and other projects in parallel. In something of a sidestep from my work with large carnivores and wildlife, I have looked in to giant trees, national parks and other topics for one book. I visited Tyresta National Park in Stockholm on 15 June. I have also gone out to visit several giant trees in and around Uppsala, some of which are unbelievably large.

A rare giant oak tree (Quercus robur) just south-west of Uppsala.

Meanwhile, I have also worked on another book and also a conservation project – both of which will have to be kept secret until we are closing in on publication. Hopefully, interesting things will come in 2020!

As for now, it is summer and I will take a break from work. See you in August!

Most pine trees (Pinus silvestris) do not get to grow older than 50-100 years in Sweden, due to intensive forestry. If left alone, they can live for hundreds of years. Especially once dead, they are home to many endangered species.

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