Lynx lecture and snow leopard pictures

On Saturday I held a talk about lynx biology at Nordens Ark for the Swedish Society for Carnivore Conservation. Some 50 people were in attendence in what was a great meeting. I thank Ingemar Pettersson for allowing me to use the picture.

The day after, on Sunday, I spent a few hours taking pictures of the snow leopards, again to complement our pictures of wild snow leopards. Irbis and Saheli were both up and about. I also saw the manul, or Pallas’s cat, for the first time. It is a hairy little cat which looks even more grumpy than a European wildcat.







Installing a carnivore-proof fence in Ockelbo

During the weekend I have been in Ockelbo helping an animal owner put up a carnivore-proof fence. Five electrical wires with the bottom one at 20 centimeters should keep wolf and probably also lynx and bear out.

It is the Swedish Society for Carnivore Conservation which has taken the initiative to help animal owners, mostly sheep farmers, to install carnivore-proof fences. More than 100 fences have been installed all over the country since the project began. The initiative is a win-win situation for both animal owners and large carnivores.

In the picture to the right, Jon from Natur- och faunavårdslinjen mounts insulators on the fence.

In the picture below, the wires are coming up. The fence will need to be cleared of grass one or twice per season to keep a stable current through the wires.