2018-02-28 – We do a one day wildlife snow tracking survey out by the coast in Uppland today.

2018-02-10 – You can follow Biotopia and me snow-tracking Eurasian lynx in Uppsala county today. See the event here:

2018-02-03 – You can follow Biotopia and me snow-tracking wolves in Uppsala county today. See the event here:

2017-12-21 – Biotopia has released three videos where I talk ten things you probably didn’t know about gray wolf, Eurasian lynx and brown bear, respectively. See the videos in Swedish below:

2017-12-06 – I work with censusing Uppsala county for large carnivores.

2017-11-25 – Starting today, you can meet me some weekends at Biotopia in Uppsala during the large carnivore theme that will run there during the fall and winter.

2017-11-15 –  Today, Wednesday, we have a large carnivore evening at Biotopia in Uppsala and you can meet me there between 18:00 and 20:00.

2017-11-09 – I hold a talk about my Brazilian puma study at Grimsö Wildlife Research Station.

2017-11-06 – I take a course in carnivore tracking at Viltskadecenter.

2017-11-01 – If you live in Sweden you can now compete to win a snow leopard book! The competition runs until 15 november. Follow this link:

2017-09-25 – You can read about my experience with bear tourism in Sweden in the latest issue of Våra Rovdjur:
Borling, J. 2017, ”Nu är den bara tio meter bort. Den är väldigt kraftfull, jag kan se dess muskulösa kropp.”, Våra Rovdjur, nr3/2017, pp. 22-23.

2017-07-17 – I visit Croatia.

2017-06-19 – In the latest issue of Våra Rovdjur (nr 2/2017), you can read about how Germany now has a larger wolf population than Sweden:
Borling, J. 2017, Tyskland har fler vargar än Sverige, Våra Rovdjur, nr2/2017, p. 22.

2017-05-20 – I return home from Brazil.

2017-04-16 – I travel to Brazil to work with puma.

2017-04-15 – I spend a full day in Lisbon in Portugal.

2017-04-13 – and Biotopia’s Naturpodden release a video where I show how to identify brown bear tracks:

2017-04-03 – Emil Nilsson and I stay over at a hide for brown bears up in Gävleborg.

2017-03-20 – I teach photography and carnivore tourism at Klarälvdalens folkhögskola for a week.

2017-02-23 – I’m out doing a wildlife survey by the east coast for two days.

2017-02-16- You can find mine and Jan Fleischmann’s snow leopard exhibition at the Gottsunda Library in Uppsala between 16 February and 9 March. Please see more here:

2017-02-12 – Follow me and Biotopia tracking Eurasian lynx in the snow in Uppsala county:

2017-02-11 – Follow me and Biotopia tracking wolf in the snow in Uppsala county:

2017-02-01 – I hold a talk about field work and field experiences for YLA at Evolutionsbiologiskt Centrum, Uppsala University in Uppsala.

2017-01-30 – I hold a talk for a conservation biology course at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU).

2017-01-28 – and Biotopia release a video in Swedish where I show how to identify wolf tracks:

2017-01-23 – and Biotopia release a video in Swedish where I show how to identify lynx tracks:

2016-12-28 – I talk at Biotopia in Uppsala about experiences from tracking large carnivores in Sweden.

2016-12-22 – In the latest issue of Våra Rovdjur (nr 4/2016), you can read about border fencing and how it affects wildlife, and large carnivores in particular. The article is based on interviews with Mae Isaksson who lives near the border fence in Croatia, and John Linnell at NINA in Norway.
Borling, J. 2016, Gränsstängsel nya hot mot de stora rovdjuren, Våra Rovdjur, nr4/2016, pp. 10-11.

2016-10-27 – I arrive home from Brazil. See this post for an update on the expedition in Brazil:

2016-10-15 – An article about Persian leopards being reintroduced to Europe is published in Våra Rovdjur, based on interviews with José Ferreira at Lisbon Zoo and Ewa Wikberg at Nordens Ark:
Borling, J. 2016, Leoparder tassar in i Europa – med lite hjälp, Våra Rovdjur, nr3/2016, pp. 20-21.

2016-10-03 – Sveriges Radio Uppsala interviews me in Brazil about my work with jaguars:

2016-09-29 – Uppsalatidningen writes about my work with jaguars in Brazil:

2016-09-18 – I travel to Brazil to work with jaguars for three months. Please see more here and support my project:

2016-09-16 – Uppsala Nya Tidning writes about my jaguar project:

2016-09-08 – I hold a talk for Animal Rights Sweden in Stockholm.

2016-07-28 – I travel to France.

2016-06-22 – You can read about the Scottish wildcat in the latest issue of Våra Rovdjur (nr 2/2016). I have interviewed Dr. Andrew Kitchener of the National Museums Scotland and the IUCN Cat Specialist Group. You also get to follow me into an enclosure where they keep this angry little cat and learn about its problems with feral domestic cats as well as what is being done to save it from extinction. Reference: Borling, J 2016, Skottlands egen vildkatt räddas, Våra Rovdjur, nr2/2016, pp. 16-18.

2016-05-20 – We now have a photo exhibition on snow leopards at Biotopia in Uppsala.

2016-05-15 – The big field season is over.

2016-04-30 – I spend one day in Italy – making this the 20th country that I have visited and spent at least one day in.

2016-04-25 – I travel to Croatia.

2016-03-30 – This year’s big field season commences.

2016-03-22 – I hold a talk for the students at Kunskapsgymnasiet in Uppsala.

2016-03-03 – The article “Söker lösning för samexistens mellan jaguarer och boskapsdrift” about a study investigating the conflict between cattle herders and jaguars in Brazil, was published in the latest issue of Våra Rovdjur (nr 1/2016). It is based on my visit to the project in October 2015.

2016-02-04 – I hold a talk on snow leopards at Naturum Värmland in Karlstad. Please click here for more information.

2016-01-11 – We conduct a wildlife census in eastern Uppsala län using snow tracking.

2015-12-12 – I will be in Hågaby Julmarknad in Uppsala where you can buy the snow leopard book.

2015-12-02 – I arrive back to Sweden after two amazing months in Brazil and Chile seeing jaguar, puma, ocelot and visiting various projects.

2015-10-23 – We have an exhibition on snow leopards at Naturum Värmland in Karlstad.

2015-10-06 – I travel to South America for two months.

2015-09-26 – Me and Jan Fleischmann participate in the Göteborg Book Fair at the Votum booth.

2015-09-14 – I travel to Värmland to census otters for a week.

2015-09-07 – I hold a talk on my fascination for snow leopards for Uppsala Författarsällskap. Read more here:

2015-07-31 – I had an article on Amur leopards published in the latest issue of Våra Rovdjur (2/2015). It is based on an interview with Jo Cook from ZSL and ALTA, whom I met in London in April. The article discusses the severe threats this subspecies is facing, and the ambitious relocation program that the Russian parliament finally accepted shortly after the magazine was sent to printing:
Borling, J. 2015, Liten population av amurleoparden – stor risk för utdöende, Våra Rovdjur, nr2/2015, pp. 14-16.

2015-07-25 – Me and Jan Fleischmann hold a talk on snow leopards at rovdjurscentret De 5 Stora in Järvsö. We will also have an exhibition there with pictures from our adventures.

2015-07-14 – I travel to Croatia to attend the symposium Animal Populations – World Resources and Animal Welfare, with the help of a generous grant from Journalistförbundet.

2015-06-21 – I travel to Gotland to study rhetoric and to attend Almedalsveckan.

2015-06-18 – The big field season is now over after nearly three months of field work over most parts of Sweden, from Halland to Västerbotten.

2015-04-28 – I hold a talk on snow leopards at Karlstads Stadsbibliotek. See more here.

2015-04-14 – I travel to London in Great Britain.

2015-03-30 – The big field season commences.

2015-02-10 – Swedish television channel Kunskapskanalen broadcasts a 20 minute interview with me about the snow leopard book. It can be viewed here after 10 February.

2015-02-10 – I am interviewed about the snow leopard book by Kunskapskanalens television program En bok, en författare. The program airs at 19:00 on 10 February and can afterwards be seen online here.

2015-01-14 – Me and Jan Fleischmann hold a talk on snow leopards at Värmlands Museum in Karlstad

2014-12-16 – I travel to Spain

2014-12-06 – I hold a talk on snow leopards and the snow leopard book at Biotopia in Uppsala

2014-12-04 – I hold a talk on carnivores for the students at Klarälvdalens folkhögskola in Stöllet

2014-12-03 – I will be at Akademibokhandeln in Karlstad signing books and speaking to visitors

2014-11-18 – I hold a talk about the snow leopard book at Gottsunda Skrivarcafé in Uppsala, organized by Studiefrämjandet

2014-10-31 – I hold a talk called “Snöleopard” at Värmländsk Bokmässa 2014 in Karlstad, speaking about the book.

2014-10-30 –  I was interviewed by Sveriges Radio P4 Värmland. Listen here (it starts 26 minutes and 15 seconds in), in Swedish:

2014-10-27 – Nya Wermlands-Tidningen has an interview with myself and Jan from the book release in Karlstad on Saturday. Reading the article requires an online account:

2014-10-25 – We have a release party for the book in Karlstad at Naturum Värmland. See the Facebook event here.

2014-10-23 – The Swedish edition of mine and Jan Fleischmann’s book Snöleopard (“Snow Leopard”) is published and we have a release party for the book in Mariestad on the International Snow Leopard Day. See the Facebook event here.

2014-09-15 – I census otters in Värmland for a week in a collaborative project between Klarälvdalens folkhögskola and Länsstyrelsen i Värmland

2014-09-10 – I have an article on my meeting with a bear published in Våra Rovdjur:
Borling, J. 2014, Vart tog maten vägen?, Våra Rovdjur, nr3/2014, pp. 12-13.

2014-09-04 – I travel to Poland

2014-08-05 – The snow leopard book is sent off to layout. It can already be pre-ordered at all major book-outlets in Sweden

2014-07-30 – I travel to northern Sweden

2014-07-12 – I climb northern Europe’s highest mountain, Galdhøpiggen

2014-07-03 – The big field season is over

2014-05-04 – Today the big field season begins where I work with moose

2014-04-08 – I hold a talk on carnivores at Östergötlands Museum

2014-04-03 – I hold two talks on carnivores for Kristinehamns folkhögskola

2014-03-14 – I finish working for the Swedish Carnivore Association

2014-03-04 – I hold a talk entitled “Working with carnivores” at Karlstad University

2014-02-16 – I head up to northern Sweden

2014-01-30 – I hold a talk on carnivores for Fältbiologerna in Karlstad

2014-01-21 – I travel up to northern Sweden

2013-12-29 – I head down to southern Sweden and Denmark

2013-12-10 – Two articles published in the latest issue of Våra Rovdjur. One is on the snow leopard forum and the other is on the Iberian wolf:
Borling, J. 2013, Historiskt avtal ska rädda snöleoparden, Våra Rovdjur, nr4/2013, pp. 22-23.
Borling, J. 2013, I tätbefolkat land är vargen nära, Våra Rovdjur, nr4/2013, pp. 12-13.

2013-12-04 – I hold a talk on carnivore conservation for the wildlife students at Klarälvdalens folkhögskola in Stöllet

2013-11-30 – I help out at the Scandinavian Wildlife Film Festival in Hunnebostrand and then head on to Nordens Ark for a visit the day after

2013-11-22 – I participate in a leadership course in Grythyttan

2013-11-17 – I hold a talk on carnivore conservation for the Swedish Carnivore Association at Skånes Djurpark

2013-11-13 – I hold two lectures about carnivore conservation at Fristads folkhögskola in Borås, one today for the public and another tomorrow for the students

2013-11-08 – I participate in a leadership course in Örebro

2013-10-27 – I spend a full day in Istanbul in Turkey

2013-10-19 – I travel to Kyrgyzstan ‎in the mountains of central Asia

2013-10-01 – The Swedish Carnivore Association arranges a lecture with Sverre Sjölander in Uppsala where I will be the host

2013-09-21 – I am interviewed by Värmlands Folkblad (VF) för the otter census. Our team came up on the front page.

2013-09-20 – I am interviewed in Nya Wermlands Tidningen (NWT) for the otter census:

2013-09-16 – I participate in a one week otter census in Värmland

2013-08-26 – I travel to Germany and France

2013-07-31 – Time to shoot off to northern Sweden for a few days

2013-07-26 – I came home from a three day expedition to the west coast in Sweden learning more about marine life

2013-07-21 – I help out with installing a carnivore-proof fence in Laxå municipality

2013-07-13 – This year’s field season is over and I traveled through most of southern Sweden

2013-06-26 – I have got an article about the Asiatic lion published in issue 2/2013 of the magazine Våra Rovdjur. I visited Gir National park in India around newyears. Gir has the last remaining population of the Asiatic lion

2013-05-02 – This year’s field season starts off at Grimsö Wildlife Research Station

2013-04-28 – I organize a regional meeting for the Swedish Carnivore Association

2013-04-27 – It is time for the annual meeting of the Swedish Carnivore Association, this time at Nordens Ark. At the same time I hold a talk for Rovdjur i Väst.

2013-04-20 – I go up to Uppsala for an ornithology course.

2013-04-13 – I travel to Finland and Helsinki.

2013-04-09 – I hold a talk about carnivore conservation for Kristinehamns folkhögskola.

2013-03-14 – I am at Orsa Björnpark taking pictures of snow leopards in snow for the book.

2013-03-11 – I go up to Vargsymposiet in Vålådalen.

2013-03-07 – Svenska Rovdjursföreningen has a booth at Vildmarksmässan and I will be there.

2013-03-02 – I will represent the Swedish Carnivore Association in Uppsala holding information to the public about the lynx hunt.

2013-02-25 – I participate in a two day leadership course in Karlstad.

2013-02-04 – I start working as regional coordinator for the Swedish Carnivore Association.

2013-01-12 – I am back after five and a half weeks in India learning about the country’s culture, people and nature and seeing Bengal tiger, Asiatic lion and jungle cat and traveling through the western parts of the country.

2013-01-11 – I visit the richest country in the world, Qatar, and its capital Doha for one full day on the way back from India.

2012-12-15 – The magazine Våra Rovdjur published an article about the Iberian lynx after my visit to Doñana National Park and El Acebuche Breeding Center.  You find it in issue 4/2012. The title is “Världens mest hotade kattdjur är en lo” or “The world’s most endangered cat is a lynx”.

2012-12-04 – It is time for the second Expedition India 2012 as I return to this holy country to search for tigers and explore its great nature and culture.

2012-12-01 – Back to Stockholm for a meeting.

2012-11-29 – I am holding a talk on carnivore conservation at Klarälvdalens folkhögskola in Stöllet for the wildlife and tourist students.

2012-11-28 – I am holding a talk on carnivore conservation in Sandviken in Gävleborg county.

2012-11-15 – I visited the Museum of Natural History in Stockholm to take pictures of snow leopard fur.

2012-11-14 – I interview Pernilla Thalin at Orsa Björnpark about how they work with snow leopards for the snow leopard book.

2012-11-10 – I am participating in a course about sustainable leadership in Malmö hosted by the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation (Naturskyddsföreningen).

2012-10-30 – I am back in Sweden after a great trip to Spain.

2012-10-29 – I met with Javier Moreno, one of the founders of Igualdad Animal/Animal Equality – one of the most profilic animal rights organizations, discussing the situation of animals in Spain and how they work with outreach.

2012-10-25 – I met the very nice people from El Acebuche breeding center for the Iberian lynx and the Lynx Life project. This very important conservation project is fascinating. I also held a talk about black-footed cat and Eurasian lynx for the staff at the center.

2012-10-18 – I return to Spain to search for the Iberian lynx.

2012-10-07 – I have had a field day at Nordens Ark taking pictures of the snow leopards Irbis and Saheli.

2012-10-06 – I hold a talk about lynx biology for the Swedish Society for Carnivore Conservation at Nordens Ark.

2012-09-29 – We are helping to construct a carnivore-proof enclosure for an animal owner in Gävleborgs län.

2012-09-24 – I will have a field day at Orsa Björnpark taking some pictures for the snow leopard book.

2012-09-22 – I will trek on Sonfjället with Madelene to spot for bears.

2012-09-13 – I am back after a trip to an interesting country meeting some awesome people and seeing great things.

2012-09-04 – I am off to Spain.

2012-08-31 – We have started working with the snow leopard book again after a summer hiatus. Things are now progressing quickly.

2012-07-30 – The big field season is finally over and I am home. After two and a half months and 54 field days I have covered 1 122 kilometers with car, traveled through 16 out of 21 counties and lived in 10 different hostels, slept in tents, friends’ houses, canoed on rivers and lakes and seen tens of thousands of mosquitoes. All in all, it is good to be back.

2012-05-21 – This year’s field season commences.

2012-05-18 – Time to go off to Stockholm for a conference.

2012-05-08 – I am off to Grimsö Wildlife Research Station for a two day course in carnivore-proof fencing.

2012-04-19 – The magazine Kattliv has published an article about my expedition working with the black-footed cat. You will find it in issue 3 of 2012.

2012-03-31 – I have been elected onto the board of The Swedish Society for Carnivore Conservation.

2012-03-27 – Time to go off to the east coast again to do a wildlife census for a few weeks.

2012-03-09 – Up for a short tour to northern Värmland looking for wolves.

2012-03-03 – The symposium on the 25th of February was successful and around 100 people attended the event. Several medias covered the symposium.
The magazine: Våra Rovdjur nr1/2012 and nr2/2012

2012-02-25 – Naturskyddsföreningen i Värmland hosts the carnivore symposium “Rovdjurssymposium – Framtiden” in Karlstad. Please see more in this Facebook event:

2012-02-24 – Värmlands Folkblad interviews me about the carnivore symposium that Naturskyddsföreningen i Värmland hosts tomorrow:

2012-02-16 – A few more days of work with carnivore censusing around Forsmark.

2012-02-04 – I am around Forsmark censusing carnivores – especially lynx, otter and marten for a few days.

2012-02-02 – Back home in Sweden after having sighted snow leopard twice in northern India.

2012-01-25 – I am going to India with Jan Fleischmann to search for snow leopards up in Ladakh for the book.

2012-01-24 – I have just signed a deal with a publisher to author a book on the endangered snow leopard together with Swedish author and photographer Jan Fleischmann. Please read more here:

2012-01-06 – I have just launched a blog:

2011-12-12 – I am lecturing about carnivore conservation at Klarälvdalens folkhögskola in Stöllet.

2011-12-06 – I am holding a talk about the relation between carnivore conservation and what we eat for Djurens Rätt in Karlstad and Hammarö.

2011-12-01 – I am going to Forsmark Nuclear Power Plant for a course.

2011-11-26 – I am going to Örebro for a weekend course in carnivore communication.

2011-11-25 – The Polish magazine Vege publishes my article about my work with the black-footed cat in South Africa.

2011-11-16 – I am away in Gävle, Uppsala and Stockholm for a few days for various courses and conferences.

2011-11-09 – I am holding a talk about carnivore ecology for Naturskyddsföreningen in Kil.

2011-11-08 – Värmlands Folkblad interviews me and Vargen Johansson during the otter census in northern Värmland:

2011-11-08 – I am holding a lecture about carnivore conservation for Naturskyddsföreningen in Kristinehamn.

2011-10-28 – Nya Wermlandstidningen interviews me about the otter census:

2011-10-24 – A week’s otter census in Värmland.

2011-10-22 – I am going to Stockholm for a course in carnivore communication.

2011-10-15 – I am going down to Nordens Ark for a carnivore meeting.

2011-10-05 – I hold a talk about the relation between carnivore conservation and what we eat for Miljöpartiet i Karlstad (The Greens Karlstad).

2011-09-29 – Read about my expedition to South Africa and my work with the black-footed cat in the latest issue of Våra Rovdjur, nr3/2011.

2011-09-19 – The work with Rovdjurssymposium 2012 (Carnivore Symposium 2012) has begun.

2011-09-12 – I am going up to Östersund for a few days for a forestry course.

2011-09-06 – Through Naturskyddsföreningen i Värmland I have been invited to a meeting with Moderaterna about new wildlife management politics.

2011-08-30 – I am mountain trekking for a few days in Fulufjället.

2011-08-09 – I am tagging along on a bat census in Värmland.

2011-07-26 – I am working with moose guiding in Värmland for a few weeks.

2011-06-16 – I am working with moose foraging in northern Sweden for a few weeks.

2011-06-14 – After four months, having seen more than 5 000 lightning flashes, having taken 9 000 pictures, having taken 675 positions on the black-footed cats, having seen lion, leopard, caracal, African wildcat, cheetah and most of the other animals here, it is time for me to pack up my things and say farewell to Africa.

2011-05-14 – Back after eight days in Kruger National Park. I have seen impala, warthog, giraffe, waterbuck, lilac-breasted roller, guanea fowl, zebra, rhino, blue wildebeest, buffalo, kudu, vervet monkey, hippo, crocodile, baboon, southern yellow-billed hornbill, pied kingfisher, lion, stenbok, genett, bushbaby, leopard, nyala, klipspringer, ostrich, jackal, mongoose, cheetah and water monitor.

2011-02-27 – A new black-footed cat, Roda, got a radio collar today. This is of utmost importance in order to learn more about their ecology and behaviour. There are only around 10 000 of these cats left in the wild.

2011-02-19 – We paid a visit to Addo Elephant National Park and saw some elephants and other animals.

2011-02-11 – I am going to South Africa to research black-footed cat (Felis nigripes) for four months. The study is based on radio telemetry so we will be collaring the cats. The black-footed cat is the world’s second smallest cat species and very little is known about its situation in the wild. It only lives in South Africa, Namibia and Botswana and in the borders of their neighbors.

2011-02-05 – I am holding a talk about carnivore conservation for Naturskyddsföreningen i Sunne.

2011-02-05 – Värmlands folkblad interviews me about my project concerning the black-footed cat:

2011-02-03 – I am holding a new and interactive lecture about carnivore conservation for Naturskyddsföreningen i Karlstad.

2011-01-17 – I am back after a few days of scouting for wolf and moose in northern Värmland.

2010-12-29 – Two articles published in the latest issue of Våra Rovdjur. One is an interview with Christine Breitenmoser from the Cat Specialist Group about cat conservation and the other is about the snow leopard based on an interview with Tom McCarthy from Panthera.

2010-12-09 – I had the chance to film moose a full day from the helicopter today with my new Canon XL1s camera. I shot some nice scenes.

2010-12-03 – I am working with a helicopter census of moose in Norrbotten.

2010-12-02 – Off for a day-trip to Oslo and a visit on the Museum of Natural History there.

2010-12-01 – I have just bought a lovely Canon XL1s DV-camera so we will see if maybe I will try filming now as well.

2010-11-19 – I am currently up in Malung for a helicopter census of moose.

2010-10-21 – Time for a tour to Stockholm and a seminar on tigers on the Museum of Natural History hosted by the WWF.

2010-10-04 – I am currently at Nordens Ark on a research week on wild cats.

2010-09-23 – I was in Nya Wermlands-Tidningen concerning the otter census:

2010-09-20 – Time for a one week otter census in Värmland.

2010-09-05 – I have just been out on lake Vänern to see how they census bats with ultra-sound detectors.

2010-09-03 – Back from Norrbotten after a week’s moose foraging census. I took the opportunity to visit Skuleskogen National Park on the way back. Nice!

2010-07-14 – I am currently learning the music software Renoise to be able to create a professional sound to my music.

2010-07-05 – I spent a week with the zookeepers of Orsa Björnpark to see how they work with their animals.

2010-06-01 – I am currently working with moose foraging in Bergslagen and southern Norrland.

2010-04-26 – I am currently at Grimsö Wildlife Research Station censusing moose, roe deer, hare and capercaillie.

2010-04-17 – Just arrived back from Stockholm and a course about the laws that concern carnivores which was held by Robert Franzén, Oscar Alarik and others.

2010-04-09 – I had the unique opportunity to visit a mink farm today.

2010-04-06 – I am currently learning about the animal inspector job at Länsstyrelsen i Örebro län (The County Board of Örebro Län) – both about the laws and we are also out doing visits to animal keepers.

2010-03-12 – I went to a seminar about the year’s wolf hunt at Skansen in Stockholm.

2010-01-17 – I went to a meeting at Orsa Björnpark about carnivore conservation with Amur tigers strolling around just outside of the window. I got some good pictures of these beauties.

2009-11-22 – I just came home after an array of interesting visits in Great Britain.

2009-09-18 – I am working with GPS-collared lynx in central and southern Sweden at Grimsö Wildlife Research Station.

2009-08-07 – I just got back after a two-day visit at Nordens Ark. I got a good picture of the wolverine pups.

2009-08-03 – A quick visit to Parken Zoo in Eskilstuna. I got a good picture of the African wild dog.

2009-08-01 – Out by the beach of Vänern the weather gods offered one of their better sides and right in front of us the halo phenomenon appeared.

2009-07-13 – I am just back from a one day visit with the zookeepers at Parken Zoo. The red-bellied lemur is one of the most charming animals that I have ever seen.


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