Videos: Ten things you probably didn’t know about wolf, lynx and brown bear

Biotopia has released three videos where I talk ten things you probably didn’t know about gray wolf, Eurasian lynx and brown bear, respectively. See the videos in Swedish below. English versions will be due in 2018.

I also want to take the opportunity to wish you a happy Christmas! ūüôā



Carnivore-proof enclosures

On May 8 and 9 I participated in a course at Grimsö Wildlife Research Station learning how to build carnivore-proof enclosures for sheep and other domestic animals.

The course was very productive and we put up two different types of fences that are very effective to keep wolves out and also work pretty well for lynx and bear.

In the picture, Helena Jones is tying the knots to the electric fence, instructed by Inga √Ąngsteg from Viltskadecenter.

Rovdjurssymposium – Framtiden

On 25 February we are hosting Rovdjurssymposium – Framtiden in Karlstad, Sweden. There is no cost and you need not pre-book. Everybody is welcome. See more in the invitation to the right.