Teaching biodiversity conservation

Anders Larsson at the asp project in Uppsala talks fish conservation and how to remove barriers for migrating fish.

Once again, a lot has happened after this period of silence. I am currently involved with teaching biodiversity conservation and wildlife and nature surveying methodology at Natur- och faunavårdslinjen at Klarälvdalens folkhögskola, since September.

Some of the things we have done in the past month have been otter censusing, scat censusing technique of moose, wildlife foraging on trees, talking biodiversity conservation, rhetorics, Swedish environmental goals and Agenda 2030. We have also done visits to Biotopia, the State Veterinary Institute and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences among other places. Next up will be a larger otter census, visits in Stockholm, Nordens Ark and the Lovén Kristineberg marine biology research center on the west coast, and later on Grimsö Wildlife Research Station.

Göran Hartman at the Swedish University of Agricultral Sciences talks Eurasian beavers and their role in the ecosystems.

This work has taken up most of my time so far this semester, although we also did two wildlife safaris with Biotopia in September. Later on in the season you might find me a bit more at Biotopia in Uppsala during their large carnivore theme. So please come by there and talk large carnivores. There are other things going on, but that’s for a later update.

Caroline Bröjer at the State Veterinary Institute in Uppsala talks about their work and shows animals that they have received.





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