Life is amazing!

ss2012-12-31-spotteddeerIsn’t life just amazing in all its shapes and forms? Just think of all the incredible animals and plants we have on this planet – and the enormous complexity within them! They started forming some 3 500 000 000 years ago after the earth was a lifeless maelstrom of fire, air and water.

We now have 8 740 000 species on earth and each is unique. In fact, each and every individual animal and plant is unique and carries incredibly complex genetic material from thousands of generations, making it masterfully adapted to its own local environment.

We now ravage freely, killing animals and consuming environments all over the world, essentially destroying our very own ancestry, as well as our future. Many of the products we buy were once home to orangutans in Indonesia or jaguars in Brazil. Our consumption is draining the world of its life. Our failure to see the indirect results of our actions spells catastrophe for a living being somewhere far away, where our eyes cannot reach.

What if we started seeing other animals like what they are: our siblings of mother earth? We all came from that same place long ago – that lifeless pond. We have all shared this earth for as long as life has existed. What if we can make earth that planet full of sparkling life that it once was?

Life IS amazing! ❤

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