Snöleopard released

Snöleopard - FramsidaOn the International Snow Leopard Day, 23 October 2014, we released Snöleopard (literally “Snow Leopard”) in Swedish. It is the first book exclusively about the snow leopard as a species. The book is written by myself and Jan Fleischmann.

Divided into several chapters, you can follow Jan’s search for the elusive snow leopard in the mountains of central Asia and his meeting with different cultures who share their land with the great cat.

You can also read about the biology, research, threats and what is being done to save the snow leopard. I travel to Kyrgyzstan to partake in an international event which might help save the species from extinction. You also learn about Buddhism and its connection to snow leopards, as well as follow on a journey to what might be considered the birthplace of the religion.


Jonatan Borling and Jan Fleischmann with the Swedish edition of the snow leopard book. Photo: Kai Zimmerl.

In the book you meet many people who are involved with saving the species, including notable snow leopard experts Rodney Jackson, Tom McCarthy and George Schaller, as well as culture expert and winner of the Right Livelihood Award, Helena Norberg-Hodge.

You can order the book at all major book outlets in Sweden.

We are now working with adapting the book into an English version.


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