Snöleopard (book)

Snöleopard front page

Snöleopard front page.

The Swedish edition of Snöleopard (“Snow Leopard”) was released on the first International Snow Leopard Day, 23 October 2014.

The book tells about mine and Jan Fleischmann‘s journeys to the high mountains of central Asia to look for the great cat, about its biology, the research that has been done on the species, threats facing it and what is being done to save it from extinction. It also tells a lot about the culture, religion and lives of the people sharing their land with the snow leopard and you can read interviews with many international experts on the species, including George Schaller, Tom McCarthy and Rodney Jackson, as well as Right Livelihood Award-winner and culture specialist Helena Norberg-Hodge.

The book is richly illustrated with pictures of snow leopards, amazing landscapes, diverse people and much more.

The book was released by Votum & Gullers förlag and can be purchased here (in Swedish).

We are right now working with adapting the book to English and hope to release it for the international market in the future.

Please see the book’s Facebook page for updates (mostly in Swedish):


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